Media Article: SASFA online training course for light steel framing building contractors – July 2021

SASFA has successfully adapted its 5-day training course for light steel frame building contractors, and presented it online! This was the 34th time this unique and popular course was presented, and the third time as a remote learning experience. It was structured into 8 two-hour sessions during the week 28 July to 3 August 2021.

The course is growing in popularity, as an increasing number of building contractors, developers, architects and engineers wish to become more knowledgeable about light steel frame building (LSFB). Successful completion of the course is also a pre-requisite for applying for SASFA Builder Membership.

The course will be presented again on line in February 2022, depending on interest.

The course is split into two sections:

Steel frame materials, components, and erection (5 two-hour sessions), covering an introduction to light steel frame building (LSFB), the steel making process and properties of coated steel sheet, followed by sections on foundations, manufacturing of light steel frames and trusses, construction tools, wall frame set-out, handling, loads on buildings, floor framing, wall framing, roof structures, planning and the installation of services, and

Internal lining, external cladding and insulation (2 two-hour sessions), covering the properties, manufacturing and benefits of glasswool insulation, acoustics, energy efficiency, environmental issues, storage and handling of glasswool, and tools and installation methodology.

This is followed by a section on gypsum plasterboard, covering properties, storage and handling, cutting, tools and application for walls, ceilings and finishing.

Finally, fibre cement board for external cladding is addressed, including the installation of the vapour permeable membrane, sizes and availability of fibre cement – boards and planks, fixing accessories, installation guidelines, and some door and window frame installation detail is presented.

The students who enrolled for the course are based in Gauteng (40%), Western Cape (25%), Southern Cape and Limpopo, one from Botswana and one from Senegal! Average age was 47. Some had some prior building industry experience. Current business roles ranged from owners of building companies, directors, managers, and site foremen. Two of the students were planning to build their own houses directly after the course!

After completion, they all rated the course content, the course literature and the presentations highly. They found the Zoom platform easy to manage – even without any previous experience, and by the end of the course most of the students indicated a preference for on-line rather than classroom training! Finally, the students had to write a test to allow assessment their understanding of the subject matter. All of the students on this course passed, and received SASFA certificates of successful completion of the course. This brings the total number of students who have successfully completed this course since its inception in 2009, to 518 – of which 39 were from outside the country.

SASFA regards the training of building contractors as of primary importance in the development and growth of light steel frame building in Southern Africa. Builders registered with SASFA are invited to accept one or more of these students as interns on their current building sites, to facilitate the exchange of theoretical concepts and to allow the students an opportunity to enhance their practical skills. Please contact SASFA if interested.