Legal Status

SASFA is a division of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) and as such is not a separate legal entity. However, it is entitled to have its own identity, rules, and programmes.

Members of SASFA should ensure that the impression is not created that SASFA is a separate legal entity. Wherever SASFA’s name is used in a formal sense, the words ‘a division of the Southern African Institute of Steel Construction’ will be added to the name.

Membership Status

Since SASFA is not a separate legal entity, it is not possible to be a member of SASFA only. Membership is, in the first place, membership of the SAISC, which entitles members to all the privileges and benefits associated with such membership. However, only members of the Institute who are registered in one of the categories of membership listed below (each of which is specific to SASFA) and who have been accepted by the SASFA Steering Committee and approved by the SAISC Board will be members of SASFA. Consequently, the rules relating to membership of the SAISC, such as termination of membership for failing to pay subscriptions, will ipso facto apply to members of SASFA.