Advantages of membership

As membership of the SA Institute of Steel Construction (SAISC) is a pre-requisite for membership of SASFA, you will share in the advantages of membership of an established, authoritative institute. Visit

Your membership fee will help fund the association, with its sole purpose to professionally develop the light steel frame building industry and expand the market.

Members will be accredited by SASFA with regard to their proven competency in the different facets of this industry – design, manufacturing, erection, and building. The list of recommended companies will be published on the SASFA website.

  • Obtain technical advice, and keep up to date with code and specification changes.
  • Network with clients, the professions and, just as importantly, your competitors.
  • Be able to claim that you belong to an organization where membership signifies reputability.
  • Be present where industry issues are discussed and influence the future development of this industry.
  • Have access to the Institute’s and SASFA’s library and databases of companies and people associated with the industry.
  • Get bi-monthly issues of Steel Construction (official journal of the SAISC) with information on the industry, projects, and trends. Get exposure in the journal.
  • Invitations to all Institute and SASFA events.
  • Discounted attendance fees for steel construction courses, seminars, and conferences.
  • Discount on all SAISC and SASFA publications.