Membership Fees

Member Category Description Fees 2021/22
Major material supplier Manufacturers/ distributors of steel, fibre cement board, gypsum board and insulation materials
Other material, component and equipment supplier Manufacturers of waterproofing, fasteners, sealants, equipment (e.g. power tools) and components (window and door frames, doors, ceiling panels, water heaters, plumbing equipment etc). R 18100
Manufacturers of Light Steel Frame Building Systems Profilers of sections used for light steel frame building systems, including light steel trusses.
Large       Large  : Capacity >= 1000tons steel /year R 29 400
Small       Small  : Capacity < 1000tons steel /year R 18 900
Merchants, service centres and distributors Merchants and distributors of materials, equipment and components R 29 400
Building Industry member Frame erectors, builders, electricians, plumbers, developers, project managers
Large        Large : >20 employees R 18 100
Small        Small : ≤ 20 employees R 11 000
Provisional R 11 000
Design Consultants  Engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, draughtspersons, town planners R 15 0000
Individual member Students and other R2 000