Guided by its mission “to develop and grow the Southern African and export markets for light steel frame building” – as determined by industry – SASFA has embarked on a wide range of activities, in collaboration with industry:

  • Drafting of world class Codes and Standards required to ensure quality and acceptance of Light Steel Frame Building by South African building authorities and financial institutions.
  • Development of quality standards to ensure superior performance of Light Steel Frame Buildings with regard to durability, thermal and acoustic properties and sustainability.
  • Development of a Quality Checklist to assist builders and building inspectors to ensure that structures are erected using good practice and according to specification.
  • Establishment of a system of accreditation of its members to serve as recommendation to developers, government departments, financial institutions and prospective home-owners.
  • Liaison with financial institutions, government departments, the NHBRC, SABS and CSIR to facilitate and promote rapid acceptance of Light Steel Frame Building.
  • Creating awareness of the advantages and potential of Light Steel Frame Building through media articles, papers at conferences, exhibitions and the SASFA website.
  • Planning and implementation of the necessary training programmes to ensure properly qualified artisans, builders and designers are available to this industry.
  • Liaison with SASFA’s overseas counterparts, to stay abreast of latest developments in other parts of the world.
  • Knowledge acquisition from experienced overseas industries.
  • Gathering and dissemination of information on products, equipment and practices to assist the Southern African Light Steel Frame Building industry in using cutting edge technologies.
  • Offering of an advisory service to the Light Steel Frame Building industry.
  • Establishment of a reference library at the offices of the Institute of Steel Construction.
  • Establishment of SASFA as an internationally recognized, professional, creditable and respected association.